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Face cleansing - everything you need to know: what, when and how!
elena lezhneva
Face cleansing - everything you need to know: what, when and how!

Face cleansing is the most important ritual of skincare routine. The way your skin absorbs moisturizing products and the way it ages depends a lot on the way you cleanse. If you don't feel like a cleansing expert, check this blog post where we address the most common questions and doubts.

Most dermatologists agree that the facial skin should be cleaned twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. Some people would ask: why so often? The fact is that there're a lot of dust particles, dirt, and bacteria flying in the air, even indoors! Immagine what's happening outside! Moreover, the skin itself constantly produces sweat and sebum. Mixed with settled dust and dirt, they contribute to the active reproduction of bacteria. As a result, we get rashes, irritation, and peeling. In addition to that, the regular neglect of cleansing leads to the appearance of the hateful blackheads.

Therefore, the skin requires regular effective cleansing. In the morning and evening, cleanse the skin with light massaging movements and suitable product for 1-2 minutes, but don't rub it. Then wash it off with warm water or remove with a damp cloth. During any facial treatment, it is best not to put too much physical effort, don't rub or tighten the skin.

Daily rhythms

In the morning, it's enough to use a light cleanser or even just water and a toner. But evening cleansing should be more responsible. It begins with the makeup removal. Under no circumstances, you should leave makeup on your face for the night.

After that, the further cleansing product (foam, soap, gel or mousse) removes the rest of makeup and the makeup remover, as well as sweat and sebum. In conclusion, you need to wash your face with water.

Try not to neglect any of these stages, including makeup removing. No one takes a shower in a raincoat: and you shouldn't wash with makeup on your face.

We need to mention that there's also the Korean double step cleansing system, but we won't focus on it in this article. If you want to read more about the double-cleansing, please read our blog post here: Double-cleansing.

Remember that only pure skin can fully absorb nutrients from creams and serums.

Go deeper

In addition to daily surface skin cleansing, a deeper cleansing is required, of course. For dry and sensitive skin, a peeling procedure every 10 days could be sufficient, and it is better to choose gommage, enzyme peeling. For oily skin, both a scrub and enzymatic peeling will work well. And you can use them up to twice a week. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells that prevent skin from breathing, and also cleans the clogged pores. At the same time, overly intense, aggressive skin peeling leads to the appearance of microcracks, scratches, which further strengthen the peeling in a few days - warn dermatocosmetologists. Moderation is the key.

face cleansing

Skin type

All skin cleansing procedures should be meaningful, regular and using quality hypoallergenic cosmetics, individually selected according to the skin type. Your cleansing system should be able to remove oil-soluble substances (makeup, sebum, silicones) and water-soluble (dirt, sweat). The most traditional and "ancient" way of skin cleansing is washing with water. But for dry and sensitive skin tap water can become an additional source of irritation, in which case it is better to use boiled or mineral water, as well as special cleansing micellar lotions. Also, cleansing milk, mousse, and foam will work very well for dry skin. For oily skin, the texture of the product should be a gel type. People with problematic combination skin often use medical antibacterial soap for cleansing. Alkaline soap breaks the acid balance and kills a beneficial microflora on the surface of the skin. Such a product is not recommended to use more than once a day (and better to avoid it completely, to be honest).

Something went wrong 

It's not recommended to wash your skin in a hurry, because it is very important to carefully remove the leftovers of cleansers from the skin. If a portion of the surfactants is retained, it can react with the components of the further skincare products and cause allergies.

Improper cleaning can cause skin problems. Dissolving the hydrolipid film and damaging the skin cells with aggressive detergents can lead to a violation of the barrier function of the skin, make it dehydrated, defenseless against various microorganisms, open access to allergens and irritants, disrupt the natural process of renewal of the epidermis. Damage to the skin barrier can trigger the development of various skin diseases. In addition, the very active use of cleansers (more often than twice a day) is harmful, same as the wrong combination of several cleansing products. All this leads to overdrying, dehydration, peeling of the skin, a constant sensation of dryness and tightness. And in the long run - it accelerates the formation of wrinkles. 

Good news 

Every skin needs competent daily care, and only in this case one can count on maintaining its good appearance and physiological state. Skin cleansing is an important stage in preparation for the subsequent care or application of makeup. Only pure skin can fully absorb nutrients from creams and serums. Therefore, the skin care phase should be approached carefully and responsibly. Choosing cleaning products for yourself is necessary in accordance with the age, type and condition of the skin, it must also be remembered that the cleanser should effectively remove contaminants, completely wash off the surface of the skin, do not penetrate into deep layers and have no toxicity. When the skin is cleaned correctly, it starts to glow from inside, it looks smooth and firm. There is a feeling of freshness and lightness. When the skin is clean, well-groomed - it is healthy, so the aging process starts later and flows more slowly. 

Wondering where to start? Have a look at these gentle yet effective cleansing products!

Our fav foam! Just be careful if you have very sensitive skin!

Etude House Baking Powder BB Deep Cleansing Foam

Dry skin: Pyunkang Yul Cleansing Foam, Mizon Rice Real Cleansing Foam, Secret Key Lemon Sparkling Cleansing Foam

Oily skin: Mizon Pore Refine Deep Cleansing Foam, Mizon Acence Anti Blemish Foam Cleanser, Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Charcoal Soap

Normal skin: Skinmiso Rice Foam Cleansing, Klairs Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser, Skinfood Egg White Pore Meringue Foam

Questions? Drop them in the comments below!

- Korean Kiwi Beauty

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