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Etude House Hair Secret Dry Shampoo Sheets review
elena lezhneva
Etude House Hair Secret Dry Shampoo Sheets review

Eating without gaining weight and having beautiful hair without washing it every day are my top girly dreams. Are they yours?

No surprise, I was beyond excited to test the new Hair Secret line from Etude House.

The line consists of 3 products:

Use a hair roll on the desired area and spray the product 1-2 times close to the hair roots and wait 5 minutes. After that, use comb or hand to brush through the hair.

Use the coated side of the dry shampoo sheet to press lightly on oily hair or scalp.

  • Hair Secret Scalp Cooling Swab - cotton swabs, impregnated with a special composition, that helps cool the scalp, and reduce the secretion of sebum. Menthol gives oily scalp non-sticky fresh care. Salicylic acid easily removes scalp oil, dead skin, impurities and odour. Comes in Refresh Mint and Soft Petal scent.

Lightly shake the product before application. Use the pre-soaked cotton swab to run along the hairline to cool and refresh scalp. Reapply with more product on necessary areas.

I've tested these products and you can check it in this short video.

Dry Shampoo Sheets look and feel super weird. And they sound like a sanding paper. These sheets remind me of a blotting paper for the face. They absorb the moisture very well - just make sure you use the right (white side).

Scalp Cooling Swabs also do what they promise. They refresh the scalp and provide a pleasant odour. Probably, not for daily/regular use though. It takes me about the same time to wash my hair or clean the hairline with a swab. But I would definitely use these on a plane!

- Korean Kiwi Beauty

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