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Are Face Mists Necessary? How to Use Them and Why You Need One.
elena lezhneva
Are Face Mists Necessary? How to Use Them and Why You Need One.

There are a lot of various products for face and body skin care. One of them is a mist. What does this odd word mean? How to use such a product?

Mist is a spray that forms some kind of mist in the air when used. Nowadays mists are going viral among those who take care of their skin. There are sprays for both face and body.

Why do you need a mist?

Depending on the composition and intended purpose, mists can perform several functions:

  • eliminate inflammations and redness;
  • refresh the skin and improve its colour;
  • return skin elasticity;
  • moisturize;
  • relieve tightness and discomfort;
  • help to get rid of oily shine;
  • replace mattifying products;
  • fix makeup.

What are the common mist components?

Mists often include the following components:

As a basis, thermal or mineral water is usually used. Thermal water is lighter, so it penetrates deep into the skin and moisturizes it, while mineral water is better at nourishing.

You can also find hyaluronic acid there. It is required for your skin's beauty, freshness, firmness, and youth.

There are as well vitamins, minerals, macro- and microelements, and amino acids. All of them are important for proper nutrition.

Natural components, such as plant extracts and essential oils, nourish, moisturize, accelerate the regeneration processes, and relieve inflammation.

It is also good if flavouring agents are natural.

Glycerine forms a protective layer on the skin and provides durability of makeup.

How to choose a mist?

Pay attention to several important details:

Manufacturer. The most high-quality and affordable ones are the mists of Korean companies, such as Holika Holika, Mizon, and TonyMoly. But recently the famous large companies started to produce such products too. Anyway, choose only proven and reputable brands.

Intended purpose. Consider the goals of acquiring a mist, depending on your skin existing problems. There are multipurpose universal products that will help to eliminate several defects at once.

Analyse the composition. The fewer artificial components you find there, the better. Natural ingredients are more useful and won't harm your health.

Look at the dispenser. It should be easy to use and ensure even spraying.

Pay attention to the expiration date!

face mist

How to use a mist?

Mists are very easy to use. Place the bottle at a distance of 15-20 centimeters from your face, press the dispenser and start spraying. Move the bottle so that the mist covers the entire face.

There is another way too: spray it in the air and enter the cloud that has formed. Wait 10-20 seconds after applying and pat the skin with a tissue or a napkin to remove the surplus. If you wait for it to dry, the skin will seem tightened. And if you apply it in the sun, you risk suffering burns.

You can use mists practically anytime: in the morning to refresh your skin, before or after applying makeup to improve it, before bedtime to relax and cleanse your skin, throughout the day to moisturize it or to relieve discomfort.

How to make a face mist at home?

First of all, prepare glass containers and a wooden or glass stick for mixing, a bottle with a dispenser and electronic kitchen scales. Components can vary.

Refreshing fragrant mist


Thermal water, 50 ml

Rose water, 50 ml

Lemon oil, 10 drops

Neroli oil, 10 drops


Mix thermal and rose water.

Add the essential oils and blend the liquid.

Pour it into the bottle with a dispenser.

Keep the mist in the fridge.

Use it to make your skin resilient, fresh and beautiful.

Prepare your own mist at home or buy one of the famous K-Beauty mists available at Korean Kiwi Beauty!

See our full collection of mists here: Face Mists

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